Salt Free Solutions
Whether you want to protect your Tankless Water Heater or regular Water Heater
Our Salt-free Scale Control Systems are a great economical option.
Soft Water
If Utah's Hard Water is driving you nuts
We have high efficiency solutions to make your water soft and clean.
Deluxe Conditioners
Utah's Hard Water is also full of chlorine
Our Crusader Deluxe systems will soften your water while removing Chlorine tastes and Odors
Enhance your Life
If you want water that feels good, tastes great, and works hard for your family
Look no further than the Crusader Enhanced Water Filtration System
Ultraviolet Disinfection
Concerned about bacteria, mold, virus or algae in your water?
Crusader Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are EPA registered and fully certified to do the job right
Make sure that you keep your water system running strong
ProGuard is designed to Clean, Disinfect and Protect your Water System
Drinking Water Systems
Give yourself and your family the best quality drinking water
Our drinking water filtration and purification systems are the best

We Service and Maintain all Major Brands Sold in Utah

We provide simple, common-sense solutions to Utah's unique water problems. We can also clean, Disinfect, and Protect any Water Softener, Conditioner, or Filtration System.

Clean, Soft, Clear Water
The most efficient system in Utah.
Softened and Filtered water for the entire home
without the Slimy Soft Water feel!
Clean and Disinfect your water
Works for City water or Well water.
Clean, Disinfect, and Protect
Your Water Softener, Conditioner, or Filter.
Drinking Water free of impurities
Delicious and Affordable
Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Corrosion, Bacteria, Rotten Egg Smell
We have proven solutions