People in Utah usually buy a water softener to fix complications related to scale, or soap interactions caused by naturally-occurring Calcium and Magnesium hardness in their water.

The gold-standard for addressing Utah’s hard water is an ion-exchange softener. Whether it uses sodium-salt or potassium-salt, the very best value for money and quality of water can be found here.

Since water softeners physically reduce the calcium hardness to below 1 grain per gallon (17.1 mg/L), they will address both soap and scale related issues caused by Utah’s hard water.

If you can’t or won’t use an ion-exchange system, we have industry-leading  salt-free options that are very effective in addressing hard water scale.

Crusader Orthophosphate systems utilize a proven technology to inhibit scale formation and protect from corrosion, and Next ScaleStop systems cause crystallization of hardness ions in suitable water chemistries to minimize hardness adhesions.

Both technologies have long track-records in Utah, and are effective at addressing hardness scale. They are not water softeners, so the hardness is not removed.

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