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The patented quad-sensor technology employed in every Crusader Twin Analyst system was developed in response to the global water crisis, and is perfect for Utah’s hard water. Here in Utah, our water usually tastes pretty good, but is very hard. Not only is our water hard, but the hardness levels will change throughout the year. In Riverton and Herriman, we often see fluctuations as high as 50% throughout the year and even in places like Orem, Provo, American Fork, Lindon and similar areas , the water hardness will fluctuate by as much as 20%. These hardness fluctuations make it difficult to keep a regular water softener running right – they either under-run or over-run on capacity, meaning that you run out of good water in winter, or waste salt.

Many solutions have been attempted in Utah, but none work as well as upflow twin sensor technology.

The Crusader Twin Analyst softener with upflow regeneration functionality and dual resin exhaustion sensors embodies some of the best features available in a Utah water softener: redundancy, intelligent sensing and efficient regeneration. After each cleaning cycle, the computer creates a new profile of the water conditions for the standby tank to use during it’s service cycle.

The Twin Analyst softener is able to actually calculate exactly how hard your water is and also accommodate for other contaminants like iron, magnesium, and lead, something that non sensor-based systems can’t do.

The Twin Analyst Crusader systems that we sell in Utah include smart software that performs a “deep cleaning cycle.” Deep cleaning is a simple concept: The system cleans using as little salt and water as possible during normal usage, but knowing that the resin media slowly loses functional capacity after extended “economy” regenerations, it will do a deep cleaning cycle after six regular high-efficiency cleanings.

During deep cleaning, the softener will clean with a stronger flush and make sure your water stays clean and safe. We have Twin Sensor systems available in High-efficiency softener as well as Crusader Deluxe chlorine removal conditioning configurations in a variety of sizes and flow rates.

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