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We are a local family-owned business with almost 30 years of experience in cleaning water and solving water problems for Utah Homes and Businesses.

We sell, service, repair, and install water softeners, conditioners, filters, ultraviolet sterilizers,  drinking water purifiers, salt-free systems, and problem water systems.

We are factory-trained on all major component brands like Autotrol, Clack, Erie,  Fleck,  and Pentair. We are a True-Blue Pentair Partner – the very first in Utah.

We are members of the Water Quality Association and have a Master Water Specialist  and Certified Water Treatment Representative on Staff.

With the ability to choose any water treatment brand to sell in the marketplace today, we chose Crusader Water, because they are some of the finest water systems available. Leveraging best-in-class engineering and manufacturing technology, they are built to make your water better, while saving you time and money. We like them because they are simple to install and maintain, and are very reliable.

Affordable Financing

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