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Residential Water Treatment

Utah’s water is hard. We have the very best and most efficient solutions for hard water, chlorine, and problem water situations.  We offer the very best value for money in Utah

Commercial Water Treatment

Softening, Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Dealkalization, Ozone, Ultraviolet…you name it, we can help you specify, source and install the water quality management solution that you need.

Problem Water Systems

Arsenic, Chromium, Fluoride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron, Manganese and everything else can be solved by our highly-qualified team.

Corrosion Control

Whether caused by low pH, high TDS, low pH, electrolysis, cavitation, or anything else, we have the technology and methods to affordably solve your corrosion problems.

Ponds & Water Features

We strive for sustainable solutions to keeping your pond or water feature beautiful. We specialize in algae control and keeping your ecosystem healthy.

Water Testing

We can assist with field-testing or laboratory testing of your water.


Old fashioned service – Modern skills and technology

Honesty, respect, and loyalty are values that seem to be disappearing in today’s business world. We think you’ll like our old-fashioned approach to doing business: We say what we mean, do what we say and respect your needs throughout the process. We have the latest training, certification, and innovative tools, while taking pride in our old-world craftsmanship. By choosing our fully licensed and insured professionals,  you can count on our team to provide everything from honest advice to a complete job site cleanup.