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You Deserve Clean, Safe, & Affordable Water


The Crusader Advantage

Built For You

You have specific water needs. Crusader Water Specialists provide best-in-class service by answering all of your questions and by providing multiple cost-effective and affordable solution options that are tailored to your specific needs.

You Come First

You come first throughout the entirety of our relationship. From initial consultation to post-installation maintenance, you are our priority. We are with you every step of the way to answer all of your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied with your Crusader Water System.

Cleaner Water; Better Life

From washing the clothes you wear to the water you shower in, you use water in so many ways. Crusader Water Systems combine cutting-edge technology with industry-best expert knowledge to give you the cleanest, safest, and best water possible.

Protect Your Investments

You invest so much money in your home, facilities, and appliances; so you should protect them too! Crusader Water Systems are best-in-class and can help to protect your appliances and building infrastructure from the damaging affects of unfiltered and hard water.

You Deserve Experts

You deserve excellent products and service. That’s why Crusader Water Specialists are required to have the latest training and education to ensure quality and safety for all Crusader users.

Confidence in a Brand You Can Trust

Whether you are using an industrial or residential Crusader system, you can have confidence in your investment knowing that it’s made with cutting-edge technology and supported by water quality industry experts and a company that cares.

When you choose Crusader Water, you can expect:

  • A real water professional to talk to

    We have real, certified professionals in our office and in the field. These people are local residents who live in Utah and drink the water (properly filtered of course). They know how to help you and have thousands of hours of ongoing training in water quality management and other skills required to be the best in our industry. We have a Master Water Specialist and Certified Water Treatment Representative on staff (the first of each ever in Utah). We are also a Pentair True Blue Partner (also the first in Utah).

  • To know who to expect and when!

    When you schedule a sales, installation, maintenance, or repair appointment, you’ll receive our Technician Profile Email, which includes the technician’s name, photo, and credentials before he or she arrives. No more guessing who is going to be showing up at your home!

  • Industry-leading equipment warranties

    Our systems are built tough and come standard with industry-best factory warranties. We also are factory-authorized to provide extended warranties that ensure many years of quality assurance & worry-free use.

  • Products that utilize best-in-class technology

    Our commercial-grade water quality systems are designed to provide years of reliable service. We use the most innovative water technologies in every part of our business, which includes the following: equipment, parts, maintenance, disinfection, filters, scheduling, and technician dispatch. By using current but stable and proven technologies, you can rest assured that your investment in your water quality will be able to accommodate future technological improvements and provide you with the best water for a very long time.

  • Guaranteed repairs

    We guarantee the repairs that we perform with an iron-clad 30-day guarantee. If we don’t fix it as promised, we’ll come back on our time and our dime to make it right.

  • Preventative maintenance

    As with all appliances, water softening, conditioning, filtration, and purification systems will eventually fail. Our approach is to proactively address issues and replace critical components before they fail so that you always have an uninterrupted supply of great water.

Crusader Water Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review

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