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It’s hard on your personal hygiene.
Every time you stand under the liquid concrete (hard water) shower, you’re coating yourself in dissolved inorganic minerals that interact with soap and other oils that stick to your skin and contribute to the classic “dry itchy skin” syndrome so commonly associated with people suffering from Hard Water infestation in their homes. Some people even report that skin conditions like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis are much worse when they are forced to bathe in hard water.
Have you ever felt like your skin has dried out after a long day at the pool? That’s probably partly caused by the chlorination of the pool water. Hard water also contains a fairly high concentration of chlorine and other chemicals, so if you’re skin is suffering, Hard Water may be part of the problem.

It’s hard on your dishes.
Washing dishes in hard water inevitably results in spotting, streaks, and mineral deposits that cling to your dinnerware and cloud your glasses. People waste countless thousands of dollars a year with chemical rinse aids to address this very noticeable symptom of the Hard Water epidemic even though as much as 70% more detergent will be used in vain.
Do you feel like you have tried everything humanly possible to get your dishes to come out of your dishwasher looking and feeling clean? Does your dishwasher smell bad? Hard water may be the culprit, and until it is addressed, your valuable time and money that are spent cleaning your dishwasher and dishes will be in vain.

It’s hard on your laundry.
Have you ever noticed the sloshing sound that your washing machine makes when you move it around? That’s the water the washing machine didn’t manage to pump out the last time that you ran a load of laundry. Soap Scum, clothing lint, detergent residue, and other contaminants like fecal matter, body oils, and other secretions tend to congregate in that washing machine drum. This is why clothes inevitably develop an objectionable odor when left damp in the washing machine. Not to mention, laundering clothing in Hard Water means that it is more difficult to remove stains–even when using twice as much cleaning agent. The Soap Scum also causes white shirts to gray and colors to fade while grinding and breaking down the your clothing’s fibers.
Have you ever had to rewash a load of laundry because it didn’t come out smelling clean? Hard Water may be the culprit because it contains countless types of fungi and bacteria that make your washing appliances and clothing their breeding grounds.

It’s hard on your appliances, faucets, and fixtures.
Every water-using appliance is affected by Hard Water: coffee makers, tea kettles, clothes irons, humidifiers, toilets, steam showers, and everything in between. Hard mineral scale will grind against seals and faucet cartridges, stick to high temperature surfaces, and adhere to things that it shouldn’t. Finishes on faucets wear off, water heaters will fail, and everything else requires more frequent maintenance and energy to perform as intended. Showerheads on hard water can lose as much as 75% of their maximum flow rate in less than 18 months unless frequently cleaned with acidic solvents.
Are you a victim of premature appliance failure? You’re not alone. This is another example of the Hard Water epidemic that costs Utahn’s thousands of dollars each year. For example, many Herriman residents find that Hard Water reduces the lives of their water heaters by up to 50%!

It’s hard on your wallet.
Of all the thieves you’ll ever encounter in this world, Hard Water is probably the sneakiest. While stealing your time with hundreds hours of needless cleaning and scrubbing, Hard Water also steals hard-earned money from your wallet every single month as it wastes energy, destroys clothing, wastes cleaning agents, and forces you into a rapidly spiraling appliance repair and replacement schedule.
Are you tired of wasting your money on new appliances that fail far too rapidly for what you paid for them? Are you tired of spending so much money on clothing, soap/detergent, soap scum cleaners, and appliances? Stop treating the symptoms of Hard Water, and treat the cause instead!

It’s hard on the planet.
Living in a civilized society means that we use the products and consumables that make life more comfortable. When coexisting with Hard Water, households use more soap and more packaging, require more transportation, necessitate more repair/service intervention, and generally impose a significantly larger carbon footprint than necessary.
Utah is a beautiful state. Help to keep it beautiful by making your household run more efficiently by ridding yourself of Hard Water. It’ll save you time and money, and it’ll save our planet!

Stop the madness. Become a Clean Water Crusader!
Hard Water has no place in modern civilized society and should be banished like so many other pests and problems that our society has overcome. As Utah’s water quality improvement experts, it is our obligation and privilege to help you to stamp out the Hard Water problem. Stop the madness, and become a Clean Water Crusader today!

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